Online advertising

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Online advertising is an essential marketing ally for maximizing your visibility on the web. Display, video, or e-mailing can take many forms and meet many different marketing objectives. What’s more, there are an infinite number of advertising media available to promote a brand, products, services, or offers online.






Targeted ads for mobile devices.

Efficiency for Delivery


Be at the top of the results list

E-commerce is gaining momentum with the emergence of dedicated e-commerce platforms. To stand out from the competition, web marketers are turning to video marketing, influencer marketing, and content marketing.

The key to e-commerce success

Advertising & emailing

Sales techniques

The product experience

CRM tools

Master your customer management

Marketing campaigns

Strike hard, strike right!

Marketing campaigns enable you to communicate effectively and appropriately with your prospects or target customers. Whether SEO, content marketing, or audio marketing, they use different strategies to exceed marketing objectives. It all depends on the communication channels chosen.


Content marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO)


Social media marketing


Affiliate marketing


Influencer marketing


Marketing automation

Adapt to innovation!

Agile product management

Product information and consumer needs are constantly evolving. By using a powerful and exclusive PIM (Product Information Management), you can effectively manage your products and adapt to innovations in the world of entrepreneurship. At, you’ll find a complete, easy-to-configure product information management solution.

Optimized product management

A solution for every company

Content marketing

What types of content should be produced for better referencing?

Product sheets

Detailed descriptions

Product sheets provide a detailed description of the product’s features, benefits, uses, and instructions for use.

Website pages

Web interfaces

Website pages present all the information you need to know about a brand or company: its products or services, history, and means of communication.

Videos and stories

Interactive content

Videos, stories, and interactive content easily attract leads’ attention. They help to quickly convey essential information on the web.

Content, a giant step towards online success

Go-to-market strategy

Launch your products successfully

Successfully launching new products on the market is a major challenge for any entrepreneur. Whether it’s innovation, storytelling, or a niche market, there are many effective ways to intrigue leads and stand out from the crowd.

Innovation strategy

The innovation strategy consists of proposing innovative products or services to leads to encourage them to take marketing action. It relies on new digital technologies.

Competitive analysis

Find your place and stay ahead

Competitive analysis remains an essential point to consider if you want to be on par with your competitors. This audit focuses on their sales techniques, relational strategies, product information, and customer relationship management. The data collected can be used to improve your marketing approaches.

Targeted promotions to boost

Loyalty cards
Options to reward loyal customers

Strategic games to win prizes